Handcrafted, Local, ‘Sequim Lavender Wine’ has Arrived!

Handcrafted, Local, ‘Sequim Lavender Wine’ has Arrived!

2012 Handcrafted Local Sequim Lavender Festival Lavender Wine

Locally Handcrafted 16th 'Sequim Lavender Festival Lavender Wine'

Like a blockbuster movie our lavender wine took nearly 3 years to produce.  It was around the 13th Sequim Lavender Festival when the specially selected grapes for our wine came off of the vine.  Paired with a blend of the fragrant and subtle Angustifolia lavender, grown right here in the Lavender Capital of North America, our vintner used his French wine making talents and created this limited edition wine to complete your Sequim Lavender Festival weekend.  It’s not sweet, dry, syrup-ey or flavor added.  It’s the real deal for a wine enthusiast or lavender lover who wants to experience lavender in all of its expressive notes.  Only available for sipping or for purchase at the 16th Sequim Lavender Festival Beer and Wine Garden.

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6 Responses to Handcrafted, Local, ‘Sequim Lavender Wine’ has Arrived!

  1. Tamara Steph says:

    I’m interested in learning more about your lavender wine. My girlfriends and I are having a girls weekend and we are suppose to bring a new wine and tell the story behind it. It says above that you can only purchase it at the festival. Is there anyway you can ship a bottle? Who made the wine? Is this the first lavender wine?

    Thanks for your help,

  2. Natasha Jaksich says:

    I would also like to know more about where I can buy this wine outside of the festival. I’m worried if I come the last day of the festival it will have sold out by then. :(

  3. This will be our 4th year making our Angelica Winery – Lavender White. A very unique taste for sure. Want to trade a bottle for a bottle?

  4. Beth Vermont says:

    How can I purchase your lavender wine? Is there a website on line or a phone # I can contact?

  5. linda l rothbauer moore says:

    Would love a bottle of your lavender wine but need it shipped to Indiana. Would also like to know how I can buy several bunches of lavender to use around my home. This is undoubtedly my favorite herb. When I lived on England, I had it all the time. Now I can hardly find it anymore. HELP!!!

  6. Random Olyresident says:

    Lavender wine? What an idea… no seriously, that is a great idea!
    Sequim is already known for lavender, perhaps the area could become known for a unique wine as well that uses lavender! (like Champagne, France is known for its Champagne)!

    With proper marketing, and development you guys could really be on to something and start a whole new industry. I wonder what lavender spirits would be like… hmm.
    Might want to think the name out a bit more, any area could make a lavender wine. Give it a special name and make sure wine crafters can only call it that when it is made with local lavender and in our province! Ahem, I mean on the Olympic peninsula.

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