A Weekend full of Lavender!


A weekend of lavender, oh my!  Partnering with the city of Sequim for over 15 years in hosting the #1 lavender festival in this part of the world, and through the City’s generous financial support, making Sequim, the Lavender Capital of North Ameria®.  

The Sequim Lavender Festival® part of the Sequim Lavender weekend celebrates its 16th year in the heart of Sequim and in the surrounding Dungeness Valley, during the July 20-22, 2012 weekend.  Solely produced and managed by the member-growers of the Sequim Lavender Growers Association™, the Lavender Festival will expand its production to include activities and regional attractions for the modern family and multi-aged visitors.

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  1. Kathy Black says:

    This will be our first time to the Lavender Festival. Any suggestions for what not to miss, where to eat, which day is the best?

  2. Sequim Lavender Festival says:

    Either leave your purse in your car, or break the bank. Your choice. The one and only #1 Sequim Lavender Festival features every sort of entertainment, food and exposure to the famous Sequim Lavender. We start off by offering a free street festival, self guided free-admission farm experiences, free continuous live entertainment by local artists and a driving guide featuring free admission tours of local artists’ studios, a dairy farm featuring raw milk production and other landmark excursions. The scenery is always FREE! The lavender is in bloom, and fragrance and picture taking are free. Our food court is packed to provide regional selections at an affordable price. Vendors who specialize in painting, photography, pottery, wood, glass, precious metal, fiber, stone and leather make this festival their special favorite. These are award winning artists, no production made or imported items. And, of course, the members of the Sequim Lavender Growers Association will bring the bounty of their crops to the street fair and at their farms, and feature the many ways lavender is used to create gifts and personal care items for every member of the family and pets also – neck packs, eys pillows, sachets, pet bandanas, soaps, lotions and more. Purchase a pound of dried lavender bud and create your own lavender-themed item. Stay tuned to our two websites – sequimlavenderfestivalweekend.com and sequimlavenderfestival.com for updates. Don’t forget to download a FREE copy of Dr. Lavender’s “Lavender Owners Manual,” located in the SLGA Documents Section (Balloons at top of page of sequimlavenderfestival.com website.) See you this Summer. We’ll keep the lavender blooming. Stop by the Sequim Lavender Company booth, introduce yourself to Dr. Lavender and mention this e-mail for a special gift.

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